MADAME represents an interdisciplinary partnership of architects, designers, artisans, theorists, technical experts, builders, clients and machines with a high level of expertise in designing and creating objects, buildings and urban scale projects.

MADAME is the beauty and the beast, summons djinns, tumbles into rabbit holes, howls at the moon and catches its own shadow.

If you want to create your own tale, start a new MADAME project and be a part of us!

You can find us right in the heart of Vienna, “2nd star to the right and straight on till morning”

“… and thanks for all the fish”
Photo by Reiner Zettl

Past and network team members:
Thomas Buseck
Klaus Bollinger
Mario Buda
Eva Diem
Vojislav Djukic
Patrycja Domanska
Sebastian Eidenböck
Gregor Einetter
Martin Eppenschwandtner
Isis Frisch
Maria Fuchs
Wibke Giese
Moritz Heimrath
Christoph Hackl
Arne Hofmann
Simon Hirtz
Mato Johannik
Alex Karaivanov
Julia Körner
Emanuel Layr
Gregorio Santamaria Lubroth
Christian Labud
Bernhard Liszt
Constantin Luser
Martin Mostböck
Adam Orlinkski
Emilio Podrecka
Noemi Polo
Alexander Quidenus
Bika Rebek
Pete Rose
Camillo Spiegelfeld
Markus Spiegelfeld
Dusty Sprengnagel
Johannes Stockinger
Miriam Strobach
Chieh-shu Tzou
Bernhard Uedl
Peter Vikar
Olivia Wimmer
Susanne Zottl