Refurbishment and adaptation of an old apartment in Vienna. Featuring a gallery space out of steel and glas and a DIY elevator connecting the two levels. The 4.2m high ceiling allowed the construction of the gallery space extending the usable space from 130m2-150m2. Walls were removed making space for a central kitchen. The I-Beam construction also acts a a chandalier with integrated LED lights, projecting against the ceiling and bouncing back through the glas fl oor to brighten the entire space. Besides the elevator, a stair, camoufl aged as a kitchen shelf provides an additional access to the gallery. The existing wood fl oor was sanded and combined with big triangular concrete tiles, which stretch from the kitchen towards the bathroom.
The second Room was divided vertical and horizontal by glas and ceiling high doors, offering a multifunctional space which is used as Master Bedroom/Guest Bedroom/Dressingroom/Laundary room with a DIY elevator access to the second level storage cupbords.
Depending if the guest room is in use and the time of day the room can be reconfigured by closing and opening the wall scale doors.








Photos by Mato Johannik

Project Team:
Rupert Zallmann