‘VISION AUSTRIA’ wins 3rd prize for the Austrian pavilion 2020 in Dubai



‘VISION AUSTRIA’ stages the image of Austria as a harmony between nature and technological finesse. It describes the feeling that everyone knows, who just reached a peak, takes a deep breath, suddenly elevated from everyday life. Thoughts free to wonder and the world at your feet. In a dramaturgy of 5 movements – sight, ascent, vision, depth & leap – a sensory experience, typical for Austria, is staged in a composition of natural and technological elements and made interactively tangible for the visitors. The experience is a unique composition of sensory perception with an atmosphere of freshness, dripping sounds and dazzling rainbows. Arriving on the observation level and walking over the cloud, the horizon opens into infinity. This adventure is borne by the ‘breathing floor’, which lets visitors float up and down weightlessly, while entering the datacloud through the smart mirrors and by putting their ‘head in the clouds’. At the end of the journey visitors are gently carried out by the wind. The project is designed with a highly ecological and innovative construction approach based on a wooden structure with a single layered hemp facade.


Project Team:
Patrick Dallio
Quirin Krumbholz
Valerie Messini
Damjan Minovski
Camillo Spiegelfeld
Markus Spiegelfeld
Lucas Zallmann
Rupert Zallmann

Bollinger Grohmann – Structure
checkpointmedia – Digital Media Technology
Niels Jonkhans – Exhibition Design
Alois “Luigi” Schober – Branding
Schulteswien, Ursula Klein – Pneumatics
S&P, Johannes Stockinger – MEP
Leo Wrenkh – Culinary Art