Building in a historical context is always a challenge, escpecially in an environment of a very small lokal village.

The design concept combines a very functional wine production hall with an exclusive private apartment on top. The duality of those functional differences is reflected in the architectural language with a clear rough production “box” and a soft warm living body floating above.

The design includes an open facade for visitors to overview the whole production process of ths wine manufactory, a grand open roof terrace for the apartment and variuos cut outs to provide natural light for the production and the open passage to the gastronomic spaces behind the building.

Project Team:
Lukas Galehr
Christoph Hackl
Arne Hofmann
Daniel Kerbler
Quirin Krumbholz
Tanja Lightfoot
Rupert Zallmann

Structural Consultant:

MEP Consultant:
S&P Johannes Stockinger

Construction Supervision:
Sebastian Eidenböck

Bernhard Liszt