Our proposal for the new Adidas Group Campus is merging the existing local foundation with a sense of global flair extracted from the Adidas Group charisma. This holistic concept including physical, visual, sensual and digital content is designed to reflect all the facets of a globally active company and to provide it for the users.

A new 3-dimensional non-linear promenade is generated over the existing straight path connections (2-dimensional) between the building volumes. This “Animated Landscape” promenade is flowing along specific active, relaxing and sensual experience areas for the users of the campus. The 3-dimensional layout of this new landscape provides elevated views over the whole campus and allows the users to raise above the horizon.

For the current stage and emphasis on “hot spot 1” the proposal includes an open multi-functional outdoor arena with 250 seats serving as a main attraction point between the existing north and the planned south part of the campus generating a lively outdoor atmosphere. The arena can serve sport & company events, concerts, open air cinema etc. and can even be used as a semi-urban plaza on a daily basis by the users.

Several “Sensual Pavillions” are attached to the “Animated Landscape”. Each has a specific topic and sensual experience and can be used either as small meeting and working spaces or simply for their unique abilities.

To complete the holistic approach the newly placed landscape elements are attached to the existing digital cloud of the company extending and enriching the communication and global attraction of the company and the users.

Our proposals goal is to achieve a flexible, adaptive and lasting concept for the Adidas Group Campus with an international flair and attractivity for the users and visitors of the company.

Project Team:
Quirin Krumbholz
Rupert Zallmann

Co-Production with:
EGKK Landschaftsarchitekten