Madame Mohr

Madame Mohr is a creative collective of architects, designers and machines that investigates ethics and aestetics in all scales since 2009.
Apart from conquering the world with our own projects we offer design services in parametrics, feasibility studies, prototyping and realization as well as consulting services in rendering & animation and model building.


You should hire Madame Mohr if:

– you need something that no one ever did before.
– you need something that no one knows how to do.
– you need something that makes people wonder.
– you like us.

You can also hire Madame Mohr if :

you need something rather simple, but you need it either:

– very fast
– with zero tolerance
– or simply really good looking


Madame Mohr Vienna
Lukas Galehr
Fritjof Giese
Xandi Ott
Daniel Kerbler
Quirin Krumbholz, Architekt
Tanja Lightfoot
Rupert Zallmann, Architekt

Madame Mohr Dornbirn
Eva Diem

Madame Mohr Los Angeles
Peter Vikar