Madame contributed to the design and execution of Constantin Luser’s first solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus Graz.
The central capsule ‘Akkumulator’ was manufactured from lasercut brass sheets and is connected to 4 wind instruments playing sound into and out of the architectonic body.
Lifted on a solid black base visitors enter the nucleus over a stair to experience the intaractive sound space.
A parametric construction setup allowed design changes until the very last moment.

Quote by the artist:
“[…]In the middle there is a new nucleus, an architectonic body made specifically for this space and which is connected with another system i work with, the construction kit. This central figure is an architectonic monolith, with very sharp edges, made of bras. Like the nucleus of a cell, of a proton or electron. Radiating from here are wires that operate as geometric drawings in space”

Photos by Manuel Carreon Lopez, courtesy of Constantin Luser

Project Team:
Constantin Luser
Quirin Krumbholz
Rupert Zallmann