The Wine Manufactury Liszt is a special composition of production, showroom and living spaces in the heart of Leitha-Prodersdorf, Nordburgenland, Austria.
It complements the existing local Heurigen with the open production facilities of its host Bernhard Liszt.




The building is organized both functional and aesthetically in two parts:

The upper part with the apartment areas floats as a soft body over the production plinth.
The facade is constructed of massive “Hempcrete” walls – an ancient but extremely efficient and ecological building material.
By importing this knowledge, the Wine Manufactury Liszt will be the first “Hempcrete” building in Austria.



The production as the lower volume is designed as a standard reinforced concrete construction.
Along the passage to the Heurigen restaurant it offers a generous glass facade to allow visitors to experience the local production.
Inside, the hall is designed on two levels with a gallery based on the ‘gravity principle’, thus allowing a fluent and gentle wine production process without the use of pumps.



The project is currently under construction and planned to be finished in august 2017.




Project data:

GFA total: 1166m²
GFA production: 884m²
GFA apartment: 282m²

Project Team:
Lukas Galehr
Christoph Hackl
Arne Hofmann
Daniel Kerbler
Quirin Krumbholz
Tanja Lightfoot
Rupert Zallmann

Structural Consultant:

MEP Consultant:
S&P Johannes Stockinger

Construction Supervision:
Sebastian Eidenböck

Bernhard Liszt